PFAST was created by team-effort of Professors and Students at the University of Rhode Island. The members of our team are:

Dr. Yana Reshetnyak, Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Joan Peckham, Professor of Computer Science and Statistics

Dr. Edward Burstein, Professor of Biophysics, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Russia. (
Professor Burstein proposed the Model of Discrete States of tryptophan fluorophores in proteins and started the systematic study directed toward revealing the relation between protein fluorescence and structural properties.

Cynthia Prudence Graduate Student
Adrian Flowers Graduate Student
Stephen Jaegle Graduate Student
Esmie Jose Graduate Student
Brad Boudreau Graduate Student
Dipanwita Das 2007 Graduate
Neha Nahar 2007 Graduate
Chi Shen 2006 Graduate
Neelima Guduru 2006 Graduate
Rajiv Menon 2006 Graduate
Nidhi Bansal 2005 Graduate